List of the 5 best technology Sites [Show the Best Gadget and Baby Product Site]

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List of the 5 best technology sites

The lists do not satisfy everyone. When our readers ask us which technology blogs to read or follow, what they ask is something that interests them, not what we like or think is best. The geeks do not do those kinds of questions, you know the answer. But safiadigitalworld is read by a diversity of people who need our guidance.

For this reason, taking as reference the Page Rank of each site, its traffic in Alexa, the positioning in Blogs, the Wikio lists , the positioning by country and the previous recommendations among the best technology blogs, we elaborated this list. We have not included blogs with an Alexa traffic higher than 96,382

A fact to note is that in Google’s latest list of the most visited sites, the only ones that appear in respectable positions with the two social networks Hi5 and Sonico . Technorati does not include any English language blog among the 100 best blogs on technology

The list is arranged alphabetically. Those at the top are not always the first and those at the end does not mean that they stand in line. Nesting can be done easily, if you emphasize any of the parameters that each of you are interested in.

Alt1040 – Comments about Internet, design, music, cinema, opinions, weblogs and media.

Applesfera – Blog about the Apple universe. MAC OS, iPod, iPhone, macbooks and iMacs. All the news, the best analysis and tricks, opinion articles.

ArturoGoga – All about technology, for all types of users. Tricks, tips, free programs, free antivirus and tutorials to improve your PC.

Barrapunto – News about Linux, free software, science and technology, with an emphasis on Linux. English version of the Slashdot site.

Bitelia – Blog about software and Web 2.0

Celularis – All about mobile applications and high speed internet.

Engadget – Information and reviews on the latest Mobile Phones, Laptops, Mp3 Players and more.

Enrique Dans’s Blog – Research and opinion about Information Systems and Technologies.

Error500 – Technology + internet + knowledge.

Ajkerseba – Discussions and opinions of the latest in technology and gadgets.

safiadigitalworld – Blog about freeware, open source software, hardware, gadgets, photography, trends and more.

Babyishathome – The best Babyish Product. Top Baby gadget Product 2020

Holivetv– A weblog about gadgets. Top News Site. Best Technology News Website

Gizmology – Technology and gadgets have no secrets.

The Inquirer – News, analysis, reality and friction.

Green Mangas – Manuel M. Almeida’s personal blog about technology, news, photography, software, culture, Internet, science, ecology and more.

Microsiervos – A blog where three geek friends write about what they like, especially technology, science and internet issues.

Mouse – Portal for news and reports on computing, internet and telecommunications.

NeoTeo – Magazine about science and technology, we deal with gadgets, internet, games, etc.

I Can’t Believe – News, gadgets, inventions and gadgets for geeks and geeks.

PuntoGeek – A blog geared towards technology, blogging, online applications, gadgets and mobile phones.

SpamLoco – Technology, internet, software, tips and tricks to keep your pc safe and in good condition.

Tecnodatum – Technology for the masses.

TecnoGeek – Technology within everyone’s reach.

Your Expert – Blog about technology, phones, MP3, Windows, internet, software, hardware and gadgets. Help tutorials and current news.

UberBin – Daily opinions about products, services and people.

Ubuntu Life – Everything you want to know about Ubuntu and more.

Extra Life – Blog about consoles and video games [Although it also takes geeks].

Wwwhat’s new – Directory of free web applications that can be used for any personal or professional activity.

Xataka – Collective weblog dedicated to current affairs related to the latest gadgets and gadgets and gadgets.

If you know of a site with a PR 3 – 7 and an Alexa rank of 370 – 96,382 and you think you were left out, we would ask you to let us know in the comments. We make every effort to offer you the most objective information.

List of the 5 best technology Sites
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List of the 5 best technology Sites
List of the 5 best technology Sites [Show the Best Gadget and Baby Product Site]
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